November Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the November edition of the Brighton Person-Centred Community news.

Community Meetings This month we'll be having two separate meetings: one in person at The Friends' Meeting House in Ship Street, starting at the later time of 10.30am; and one online starting at the usual time of 9.30am. We're aware that as a couple of our regular-ish members unexpectedly were unable to be there last month someone may have turned up to the meeting and found no-one there to greet them. We are sorry if this was you! As we're a small group of people organising the meetings and as attendance has been a bit lower of late we're suggesting you may want to get in touch with us before hand if you plan to attend. We'll be hoping to let you know a contact person for each meeting before hand. If you'd like to get more involved and possibly even be a point of contact also then let us know! Read on for full details of the November meetings If you have anything you'd like to share that you think would be supportive for Community members or want to reach out for something yourself, do consider using this newsletter as a way to do so.

In-Person Meeting The meeting will take place at 10.30-12.30 on Saturday 20th November. It is £5 to attend but we do not wish money to get in the way if this amount is difficult for you. You can contact William on to say you'll be there. The following guidelines apply: * You will need to give your name and contact details in case they are required in the event of contact tracing * There will be hand sanitiser provided on entry to Friends Meeting House * Facemasks are to be worn in the communal parts of the building but do not need to be worn in the meeting room itself * We will not have access to the kitchen so bring your own drink and take away any rubbish with you * If you want to let us know you are coming or have any questions, please contact us on * To pay online the fee of £5, our bank details are: PERSON CENTRED COMMUNITY; 08-92-99, 65079432. Online Meeting The meeting will take place at 9.30-12.30 on Saturday 20th November.

To join the meeting remotely just copy the link into your browser (please arrive on time or a little early) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 833 1846 2874 Passcode: 794511 If you find that it isn't allowing you to connect (or says the meeting hasn't started yet), you might wish to try searching in the Zoom app (you'll need it downloaded to do this) using the meeting ID provided. It will then ask you for the password. Make sure you're ready a bit before the meeting starts to check your online set up and have your cup of tea ready!

The normal suggested donation whether attending online or in person meeting is £5 for this meeting. Our bank details are: PERSON CENTRED COMMUNITY; 08-92-99, 65079432.

Introducing Haulm Firstly, Rich Taylor and Chris Molyneaux ( are proud to introduce you to Haulm: a new local Person-Centred training centre committed to the PCA and to high-quality training standards. We're going into our second year of delivering CPCAB Level 3 and Level 4 counselling courses and we'd welcome your input to help support our students and to grow our centre. In an ideal world it will involve us helping you at the same time. Signposting student clients to you: An essential part of training on our Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling is experiencing purely Person-Centred personal therapy. As a result, we are creating a list of committed PC practitioners to share with our students this year and for the years to come. If you would like to be added to the list we share with our students, please email us at with the following: - Name - website/directory address - a photo of you - a photo of your training certificate - a description of why are you committed to practicing in a solely Person Centred way Are your books gathering dust? Training as a counsellor is a big financial outlay, and therapy books can be pricey, so if we can save our students some money then we'd like to. It could also mean you get to support those that are following in your footsteps and declutter your space at the same time. If you have any old or now barely used PCA or counselling books that you'd like to donate to the Haulm library then we'd really welcome them. You'd absolutely be able to loan (or even have) them back yourselves at any point in the future if they were ever wanted or needed again, but if our students can utilise them when they'd otherwise be sat on a shelf then that'd be great! We'll be sure to ask them not to underline anything or scribble in them. Please email us at if you'd like to donate a book or two.

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