May Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the May edition of the Brighton Person-Centred Community news. We hope that you've been able to enjoy some of the sunny weather lately... We have two separate meetings again this month, one online, one in person. Scroll down for info on a couple of CPD events and this month's meetings. As always, if you have anything you'd like to share that you think would be supportive for Community members or want to reach out for something yourself, do consider using this newsletter as a way to do so. In order for something to appear in the newsletter please send it by the end of the month to appear in the next month's email (which will come out around the second week of the month). Online meeting The meeting will take place at 9.30-12.30 on Saturday 21st May. It would be helpful if you can contact Chris to say if you are planning to attend on The normal suggested donation is £5 but we do not wish money to get in the way if this amount is difficult for you. Our bank details are: PERSON CENTRED COMMUNITY; 08-92-99, 65079432. To join the meeting just copy the link into your browser Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 833 9059 3179 Passcode: 579919 If you find that it isn't allowing you to connect (or says the meeting hasn't started yet), you might wish to try searching in the Zoom app (you'll need it downloaded to do this) using the meeting ID provided. It will then ask you for the password. Make sure you're ready a bit before the meeting starts to check your online set up and have your cup of tea ready! In Person Meeting The meeting will take place at 9.30-12.30 Saturday 21st May. You don't need to email to say you're coming but if you want to then you can contact William on It is £5 to attend but we do not wish money to get in the way if this amount is difficult for you. y the same token, if you can afford more than £5, your support will be much appreciated.

The following guidelines apply to use of the Friends' Meeting House: * It is preferred if Facemasks are worn in the communal parts of the building but do not need to be worn in the meeting room itself * We do now have access to the kitchen for boiling water but we may or may not have provisions! * To pay online the fee of £5, our bank details are: PERSON CENTRED COMMUNITY; 08-92-99, 65079432. Mick Cooper CPD WORKSHOP The Tribes of Person-Centred Therapy: Celebration of Diversity & Difference Workshop Date: 11th June 2022 Times: 9am to 4.30pm Fee: £130.75 per person inclusive of booking fees. Includes a vegan/vegetarian buffet lunch Participants: Maximum number of 35 Qualification: CPD Certificate will be given Location: Worthing College Introduction to Focusing – 10-5 - 9th & 10th July 2022 - £140 - on Zoom Also running 10th & 24th Sep 10.00am – 5.00pm Cost: £140 12 hour CPD certificate available Places for Saturday only may be possible (£70) What is Focusing? What is the felt sense? You will be introduced to the Focusing process and the particular way of Focusing Listening. This highly experiential workshop will help you learn to listen to your body and trust the wisdom it can share with you. Learn about the different ways we process our experience and how we may approach Focusing differently depending on our ‘processing style’. You will also experience the practice of Clearing a Space, which can be part of the Focusing process or used as a standalone process for managing overwhelm.​ TO BOOK contact Suzi Mackenzie on 07851 086 396 or See for info on all of my Focusing trainings.

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