Community Meetings - Update

The Friends' Meeting House is re-opening next month.

We wanted to update you about the situation as regards In Person Community Meetings and the continuing Online Community Meetings - and ask for your feedback.

The Friends Meeting House is re-opening in September. Accordingly, we intend to hold a physical Community Meeting. (For information on dates, see below.)

If you'd like to attend, here's some information:

These are the requirements of staff at the Friends' Meeting House, so are not open to negotiation.

* There is space for a maximum of ten people

* There will be hand sanitiser provided on entry to the Friends' Meeting House

* Facemasks are to be worn in the communal parts of the building but do not have to be worn in the meeting room itself

* We will not have access to the kitchen so bring your own drink etc. and take away any rubbish with you.

It will be helpful, though not essential, that you tell us if you intend to come to the physical meeting. It is unlikely that numbers will exceed the spaces available, but you never know. It would be unfortunate if we had to turn you away because of lack of space.

If you want to give advance notice, please contact William at

We have been holding the Community Meetings online and this will also continue in order to enable to people to attend who cannot or do not feel comfortable attending in person.

We have been in discussion over whether to change the date of either the online or in person meetings so that they do not both run at the same time. We realise people may not necessarily wish to attend both the online and in person meeting, but if both meetings are at the same time then of course this wouldn't even be a possibility. We also realise if one of the meetings is moved this may be less convenient for some.

For September there is the possibility of having the in person meeting on the 19th, which would be the usual weekend, or on the 12th instead.

If you'd like to express a preference regarding the timing of meetings in September and going forward please contact William on and give your thoughts as soon as possible. Let us know if you do want to attend in person or online, and if you're in favour of either meeting staying on the third Saturday of the month or moving to a different weekend.


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