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The latest news from the Brighton Person-Centred Community... Hello and welcome to the May edition of the Brighton Person-Centred Community news. Uncertain times... changeable weather. Maybe in such times we can turn to each other as fellow humans - still changeable and unpredictable ourselves, but joined and hopefully supported by, a common desire for encounter, meeting of minds, sharing our humanity. We will be meeting on Saturday 18th May and welcome you in all your humanness. See below for details. Do remember that you can share things via this newsletter. If there's anything you think would be of relevance to your Person Centred peers feel free to send it in to the email address at the

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If you'd like us to broadcast a message for you to our community then we can (so long as it's relevant and appropriate). Simply contact the communications team via the contact page or social media with the details you'd like us to share. 

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