Community Meetings

The Person-Centred Community group meetings are open to anyone with a curiosity about the person-centred approach. We meet once a month on a Saturday morning and all newcomers are welcome. This is a drop-in meeting so you can come along and introduce yourself.


Our meetings are not facilitated. They are unstructured and develop according to what people bring in terms of their needs, interests and experiences. The aim is to offer a confidential atmosphere, one of respect and trust allowing people the chance to be open.


As this is a drop-in meeting, check with the other participants if you need an explicit agreement between yourselves for that meeting.


Meetings last for three hours and you may choose to count this towards your continuing professional development (CPD).

Venue, time and dates

Meetings are normally held on the third Saturday of every month at the Friends' Meeting House in Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF (see map on left)

The Friends' Meeting House is re-opening in September, and the physical meetings which have been suspended since February, will be starting up again from Saturday 19th.

For further details, please look at the latest NEWS

The meeting runs from 9:30 to 12:30. There is normally a short break at around 11 o'clock.

Please note, however, that there will be no access to the kitchen, so, if you want refreshments, you will have to bring these yourselves. Please also remember to bring a mask. You won't need one at the meeting, but you will need one when moving around the rest of the building.


The cost is £5 to cover hire of the room.

If, incidentally, you can't manage £5, then we will not insist. By the same token, if you can manage a little more than £5, your additional support will be appreciated.

Zoom meetings will continue in parallel with the physical meetings. Please, however, see the NEWS item for more details on this as well.

We also organise workshops with nationally and internationally respected facilitators. Click here to see what workshops we have coming up...

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